Kingdoms of Astra

On 14 March 2020 this beautifull project started where multiple amazing roleplay
storys have come from. The KoA server, a Minecraft server where a YouTuber is
the head of a Kingdom. Every Kingdom has his own characteristics & habits.

The KoA server is in Survival Mode.

Official Discord:

Our Kingdoms


King: Unknown

Biome: Hills

What: Blacksmiths


King: Quentius

Biome: Desert

What: Assassins


King: Unknown

Biome: Islands

What: Traders


King: IamPoorDonate

Biome: Taiga

What: Magicians


King: Unknown

Biome: Mesa

What: Bandits


King: Unknown

Biome: Jungle

What: Pirates


King: Unknown

Biome: Snow

What: Vikings


King: Unknown

Biome: Swamp

What: Wizards

Project explanation

Kingdoms of Astra is a Minecraft project that is taking place in the later Middle Ages.
In this server the intention is that kingdoms act like in the Middle Ages. This
includes fighting, trading, spying, making enemys & also new friends.
Every kingdom has a certain grouping, such as pirates, assassins, wizards
and more! There are 5 possible grades in each kingdom. King, duke, general,
count & normal player.

At the moment there are two unknown kingdoms that have a wand. This is a
special items with magic spells on it. These are hidden in the caves of the
kingdom, and not even the players of the kingdom do know where it is hidden.
In (almost) every Kingdom we have a YouTuber as king, and in the case of
activity of the king the duke takes on the royal role. This is because we want
the content makers to focus primarily on content, making the project more
familiar and fun.

This document can be supplemented at
any time with more information.
Questions? Contact Quentius / Nick.